About Us

Perixx Computer GmbH was established in Sep 2006 in Germany with the focus on peripheral business. We specialize in the field of input devices such as keyboard and mice and are specially known for the HTPC keyboard market; this is where we gained our reputation and market share in Europe. In 2007 Perixx soon turns into profit in its first year operation.

With our strong brand image concentrated on the keyboard, Perixx soon expands the business into Japan, China, and USA in 2009. Thanks to the support of customers, Perixx reached consecutive 2 years record sales in 2009 and 2010 under the shadow of financial crisis. As a "Value Creator", we will keep working our way to provide the best value to you in the coming future.

If you are interested in joining our rapid growth, please contact our sales department. If you are interested in purchasing the product, please visit the "Where to Buy" page.

Our Mission

Perixx want to provide a quality product with good design and competitive price to the market. The product can speak itself with the value that it brings. By cutting the in-effective communication, excessive marketing, and administration cost, Perixx is able to give the margin back to the customer without the sacrifice of good quality and design.

Value Creator

As a "Value Creator", Perixx provide 4 important values to the customer. These values are the core of our business. They fulfil the needs of the customers, and strengthen our position in the competition

Product People Management Communication
Good Quality
Nice Design
Competitive Price
Strong Customer Relationship
World Class Supplier
Professional Staff
Industry Know-how
Globalization Management
Corporate Management
Marketing Communication
Inter-Personal Communication
Cross-Culture Communication
Perixx Computer GmbH   Düsseldorf, Germany Germany